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Welcome to Katie Manton Photography!

Hi! I am so glad you’re visiting Katie Manton Photography’s brand new website!  Although this is my Photography website and my blog will contain posts from my recent work, it will also serve as a personal blog.  It is important to me to keep a blog to act as a journal, but also to challenge me to become a better photographer.  I hope you enjoy reading!

Snow!  We finally got snow, and yes, although I am ready for spring now, (and we may get snow again this week??) I was so thankful that Madison was able to play in the snow this year.  As you can tell, we were less than prepared, but gathered what we could find for her and took her out to play!  No waterproof pants, no snow boots, and yes…no gloves!  But hey, she didn’t seem to mind!  We ate snow, we rolled around in the snow and we tried sledding on a piece of cardboard, which was by the way was very UNsuccessful…Don’t try it!  Luckily we found a little sled someone left behind and we let Madison sled down the hill on that a few times.  She had the time of her life and seeing that smile on her face over  and over again and hearing her laugh the whole way down was priceless!