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Weekend Fun…or not so fun.

WARNING! This post is primarily for documenting life…not as much on the perfect photos!  I can’t help but put our weekend into writing!

This weekend started off with a late Friday night with some wonderful friends we don’t get to see enough!  The Colvins were in town!!!   Caitlin, Alex, Riley and Noah all came over to play!  It was so wonderful to catch up with them.  We all ate pizza for dinner and had a blast!  The last time we saw them Madison was maybe a month old, and Noah was a young baby still in Mommy’s belly!  To watch the 3 kids play together was so much fun!   Madison and Riley both like hiding in kitchen cabinets…no matter what size cabinets they may be…


Noah started a trend…He stood on the ottoman and then Madison climbed up and thought she might show him how much fun he could have up there…and that might mean jumping…


Around 9 or so Madison started getting cuddly with Mommy, which is unusual, but I knew it was way past her bedtime so I thought nothing of it.  She then started laying on me saying Night Night, Night Night…hmmm I don’t believe this has EVER happened before…unless of course she wasn’t feeling well.

Saturday  morning she woke up happy!  Didn’t eat much breakfast, but I still thought nothing of it because her personality was perfectly normal!  We went for a family trip to Target and she fell asleep on me!  NEVER happens! She slept getting her into the carseat and then into her crib…3 hours and skipped lunch.  I was assuming this was all due to a 5th day of daycare last week, which she has never done, and a late Friday  night.   When she got up we went for a walk on our neighborhood trails and went to feed the ducks at the lake…we took blueberries, a banana, and cheerios…No eating!  (Although the ducks liked the cheerios!)  We came back and hung out on the porch and all was pretty normal!

Eating crushed ice…which she loves.


Pushing chairs around…DSC_6578


Playing with Kali.DSC_6608DSC_6614DSC_6613

That night was a normal night of sleep…about 7pm to 7:15am. (Ate very little dinner.)

Sunday we woke up and went to Nana and Grandpa’s house for the morning while Mommy went to brunch for a friends Baby Sprinkle and Daddy went to play golf.  Nana took her on a walk with Goldfish to snack on!!  And….you guessed it…she didn’t eat them!  (SUPER abnormal!)

All the while, Mommy was enjoying some girl time with wonderful friends and food!


When I got back to my parents I put Madison down to nap there.  I heard her crying after an hour and a half and went to get her, but she was still laying down under her blanket…but crying.  Like a moaning cry.  I almost left her but felt too bad and knew something wasn’t quite right.  I figured I’d just let her sleep on me for awhile.  Well that didn’t work because Aunt Stephanie was there and well that was not a time to be sleeping, it was time to play!  Madison learned how to skip with the help of Aunt Stephanie, Mommy, Nana, and yes…Grandpa too!  She tried jumping rope, and ran up and down the side walk non-stop.

She also tried to play limbo…Madison Style!


And with some attitude…DSC_6628

Then she came to me and asked me to hold her and then she laid her head down on me.  She again, fell asleep on me.  I promise you…this never happens!!!!

Sunday night she went to bed around 7:30pm and luckily I had the day off Monday (since I went to work on Friday the week before) because my little girl slept until NOON!!!!  When she woke up she had a little bit to eat then asked to watch Sofia the First and actually watched the entire episode while leaning her head back on the sofa pillows.  Now my normal Madison watches the first song of Sofia the First and then is off doing something much more fun…But for those of you who know that song, you must admit, even you want to watch the first song and then turn it off now and again…(Okay, maybe thats just me!)  Oh and by the way, Caitlin (who came over Friday night with her husband and boys) and I met in A Christmas Carol in downtown Raleigh back in high school and have been friends ever since.  The moment I first heard her sing I was amazed!  I asked her on Friday if she knew the first song from Sofia the First…well because she would like it too…but then I remembered she has 2 boys and they probably aren’t in to watching Princesses.  (She didn’t know the song.)  But seriously! It is really good, for a children’s show anyways!

After the episode ended…Madison fell asleep on me…YES she slept 16.5 hours that night and then 2 hours after she woke up she fell back to sleep!!!  I finally called the nurses line at her pediatricians office and started waiting…and waiting…and then google searching while I was waiting…AND I officially started freaking out.  I saw things saying this could be the first signs of brain cancer!!!  I know…I shouldn’t google search, but it is SOOOO easy!  Needless to say, we didn’t wait for the nurses to get back to us, we made an appointment and went in.

Now I know by now you are all worried…as you should be!   Guess what it is!!!

Her 2 bottom 2 year old molars.  They both have just popped through.  Of course I didn’t think of this because well 1) My baby is not close to 2 years old, right? Really? How can that be??  Didn’t we JUST have her 1 year old birthday?? and 2) Teething was the one thing that was pretty easy for her.  None of her other teeth gave her trouble.

So there you have it…if your child is sleeping CRAZY amounts and has a loss of appetite it might be as simple as that!  Treatment: Children’s Motrin