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Family and Friends

The last few weeks have flown by.  When I look at my calendar for the next few weeks, well really few months, it doesn’t look like time is slowing down anytime soon…okay, realistically does it ever?  The last few weeks we have made so many memories with family and friends that I am so thankful for.  Every day Madison is growing up more and more and truly interacting with everyone.  The 3 of us went to Pullen Park for the first time and Madison rode the “Horsies” and the Choo Choo Train and drove the boats!  She had a blast, and so did we!  We had family over for Easter lunch and the kids had an Easter egg hunt!  We went to the zoo with Tim’s parents and had a blast!  Madison can tell you everything she saw and what they were doing when she saw them!  “Madison, what did you see at the zoo?” “Monkeys!!” “You saw monkeys?  What were they doing?” “Swinging!” “What else did you see?”  “Black Bear!”  “Wow, what was the black bear doing?” “Night night” “Yea, the black bear was sleeping.”  Yes, these are the types of conversations we have now!  And one of her new favorite phrases…Right there, or Right here.  You might hear her say something like “Daddy, sit down right there.”  And in fact she MEANS Daddy, sit down right there!  Holy cow…when did she start to speak and totally comprehend these types of phrases!  It was in the blink of an eye!

I am sad to say, we got to the Zoo and I took out my camera only to realize…I left my memory cards at home…HOW did I do that????  Well…I don’t wanna talk about it…

While I’m admitting things…I am going to be away from Madison overnight for the first time EVER this weekend.  I know you probably think that is nuts, but it’s true.  I have not always been there to put her to bed, but I have always slept in the same place and woken up to my baby girl since the day she was born.  My younger sister’s bachelorette weekend is this weekend, so not only am I away from her for 1 night…but 2!!  I will say though, that I think it is time.  Tim and Madison will have a great weekend together and although I will miss her terribly, I will be laying out on the beach Saturday, and yes…just laying there, and there is a very good chance I’ll have a drink in my hand and having some good girl conversations!

Madison fell at school and had to get X-Rays of her Thumb.  It was extremely swollen and black and blue.  She is having a lot of trouble with the doctors right now so getting X-Rays was NOT easy!   She did get a hospital band that she called her bracelet!


She wasn’t so sure if she actually wanted to ride on the horse or not…she finally let go a little bit and had a blast!  (Thanks to Tim for the pictures!)






Easter 🙂

DSC_7994DSC_8043DSC_7968DSC_7953Madison loves Baby Henry.
DSC_8319DSC_8335Drew has no idea what is about to hit him!DSC_8351DSC_8350
DSC_8360DSC_8359DSC_8343Hanging out at home!  I truly love family time and just hanging out with my husband and my daughter.  It doesn’t get any better!DSC_8310DSC_8193DSC_8245Playing basketball with Daddy with his new basketball hoop!!DSC_8161DSC_8162DSC_8166DSC_8167DSC_8168Enjoying our Sunday night on the porch.  Weather was awesome and some nice quiet time before a long week of Tim being out of town!

Madison wanted to walk Kali…that was until we were about 1 house down and she saw the “Big Truck”.  A little Mommy and Maddie time.

One of my favorite pictures of all time!!  Kali got very sick when I was pregnant with Madison.  I was afraid we were going to have to put her down and was so sad that my baby that would soon be here might not have Kali to run with, play with, and love on.  Thankfully, Kali pulled through and this…this right here is EXACTLY what I always dreamt about.  My puppy and my baby loving on each other.  There is NOTHING better than this right here.