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Catch Up

Time to catch up!  We have been so busy lately, a good busy, but I haven’t had a personal blog post in far too long!  This week Tim would typically be out of town, but they let him stay home!  Of course with that said…he is still working as I type this.  The good news for me is that it gives me time to sit and catch up on photos of Madison and my family from the past few months.  As I go through editing them, I catch myself smiling and laughing as I really feel myself re-living certain moments…and THAT…right there, is why I have fallen so in love with photography.  Looking at a single picture can put you right back in that moment, mentally and emotionally.  I hope in 10, 20, 50 years I can look back at these pictures and again, find the emotions I felt from that very moment the picture was taken.  As I’m beginning this journey in photography, I hope that I am able to let others feel this same way!

Madison turned 2 in May.  We jammed in a very last minute birthday party to a busy weekend for my cousin’s wedding!  It worked out perfectly and Madison had a blast!  We were planning to get her a swing set for her birthday…yes planning…okay it is a very long story that no one cares about, but there was no swing set for her birthday.  She loves jumping on them at gymnastics and she has a few friends that had these awesome little trampolines, and she loves them!  We found a (probably fake) website that said they sell these for almost $100 less than anywhere else and Toys R Us price matched our print out from that website…no questions asked!  If you ever shop there, don’t leave home until you google search that item…you never know where you might find it of much cheaper!

2yrold_2DSC_8581DSC_8652DSC_8658And yes…she had a “Frozen” Cake!

The following weekend was memorial day weekend.  We had a birthday party for a friend in her class and were missing a neighborhood cookout.  When we got home, everyone was still out having fun, so we headed over for a bit!  She wasn’t so sure about this slide though…LOVED the water at the bottom of it, but couldn’t climb up on her own and didn’t want Daddy’s help…When you are just a little bit bigger baby girl!


Oh…and remember that swing set I was talking about…we finally made a decision and Madison absolutely loves it.  DSC_9911DSC_9942

And so does “Babygirl”.  Yes that is her baby’s name.


A few weekends later another cousin got married down in Atlanta!  On Saturday all the family hung out at my Aunt and Uncle’s pool and had so much fun together.  Madison and Taylor, my cousin’s daughter, are about a month apart and spent 2 nights together with a babysitter and had so much fun together.


One of many evenings spent running around playing outside.


Heading out for water day at school!  Last year at water day Madison HATED it…I’m serious, you’d never know it now, but the pictures they had of her she was SCREAMING crying in all of them.  It broke our hearts!  But this year, she had a blast!


Back in May I told Tim I really wanted to make time to do a 2 year old photoshoot, however…it was the end of June and do you think this happened yet??  NOPE!  So last weekend we went outside to play after dinner and I said to them, wait stay here.  Ran upstairs and got a dress and hair bow for Madison and grabbed my camera…we walked over to the greenway trails right behind us and did a mini 2 year photo shoot.  Madison was upset because I told her we were going to look for the fish, although she quickly realized, we weren’t.  The fish are in the other part of the greenway…we also heard lots of frogs, which completely freaked her out at which point she wouldn’t let go of me…Yes, this makes it very difficult to take pictures of her!  But I’m happy that I got a few good ones out of it, and we had a nice evening exploring and listening to every bit of nature surrounding us.  It really was nice!


Madison, you light up my life each moment of every day.  You are so kind-hearted, smart and you certainly know how to keep me laughing all the time.  (okay…most of the time…)   You are starting to sing the words to all of the frozen songs, and every once in a while you have started matching pitch.  I tested you last week to see if you could match my pitch…and you were right on!  Your singing, talking and laughter are the MOST beautiful thing to my ears.  You rock your babies while you sing to them and cover them with blankets so they can sleep comfortably.  You also “wake them up” every morning before school.  I am so incredibly thankful for you my sweet girl.  You are truly a gift and I love you more than you will ever know.

I cannot wait to see what tomorrow brings! 🙂