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Lots of Pink!

I had a very special session announcing that this beautiful Mommy is pregnant with another baby girl!  Taryn was my big sister in my sorority in College, and wow, I am so thankful for that…to have been blessed with such a friendship.  She has always been a special friend since the first time we met.  Madison and her first daughter Harper were born just one day apart.  This family is the sweetest and most loving family you will ever meet and I am so thrilled for them to be adding another baby girl to their family.  This was such a happy photo session! 🙂


The more I look at the next picture it is becoming one of my favorites.  Often you see and feel the joy and happiness in photos, but this one has just as much emotion, but it is filled with love, trust, and pain.  Harper got hurt and was crying and you can see Mommy taking all the pain away from her baby girl and giving her every ounce of love she has.  As a mom of a 2 year old, I am also learning that when your child is hurt, it hurts us as well, and I know this will never change!!