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Way Overdue!

I have not done a personal blog in many months which makes me a little bit sad.  To be completely honest, I still haven’t edited most of my personal pictures from a few months ago, but I hope to get some of them done soon!  Madison turned 2 1/2 in November and is growing up so quickly!  She enjoys reading, playing with her babies, reading to her babies, being tickled, playing outside, being with her friends and so much more.  She truly loves this beautiful life and I am so very thankful for that.  A few months back, on one of my Friday’s home we spent some of the day in our pajamas and just hung out.  I love Mommy and Maddie Fridays!


Playing with Play-Doh!_DSC7330_DSC7342

Of course if Mommy can stand on the chair to take pictures, Madison can too, right??? No!_DSC7339

We finally decided to get dressed and she was taking her time coming back downstairs.  I go back up to find her and this is what I find…oh, and this is the look of “Hi Mommy, I’m not doing anything I shouldn’t be, see??”  Well notice Mommy’s cup in her hands that might have had Soda in it!  Anytime she see’s an unattended glass that might have soda, juice, gatorade…well anything besides milk or water – she very calmly and quietly grabs it and slowly starts to drink it.  Of course, all the while, she is making sure Mommy is not watching and if I see her she says “I’m just holding it for you Mommy, do you want some??”  We might have our hands full with her! 🙂_DSC7370

Halloween has come and gone and Madison/Sofia loved it!  We were so proud of her as she said Trick or Treat and Thank You at every house! She didn’t even mind waiting to eat the candy until we got back home!


Also notice the new smile when she looks at the camera.  This is her saying “Cheeeeeeeeeeese”.

We took a morning walk just after Halloween and all of this happened…_DSC7814_DSC7828_DSC7852_DSC7854_DSC7858_DSC7881_DSC7887

And one last nap time picture!  _DSC7415

Hope to get some pictures of our mountain trip posted soon!! 🙂 (Those are only about 8 weeks behind…)