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Life has been busy lately!  Tim has been traveling a lot more for work, my work has been crazy, and all the while sweet Madison keeps on growing up!  When Tim is gone, I tend to take a little longer to put Madison to bed, well….because it is girls night, or girls day…or well really girls week sometimes.  Last week one of the nights when we just finished reading Pout, Pout Fish (one of her absolute favorites!) she dropped her baby and said “Oh Man…”  I asked her again what she just said and there it was again “Oh, MANNNNN”  I was laughing harder than I had laughed in quite awhile!!  Of course then, she knew she had said something funny so we repeated back and forth to each other “oh man” as we just laughed and laughed!  She is truly such a joy in my life and I absolutely love every minute I get with her.  Okay…maybe I’m not being totally honest, because along with Oh Man…has also returned, the horrible, terrible…”No!”  Yes, that is right, “No” is back for round 2, only this time it comes with a whole bunch of attitude with it!  So yes, that is being dealt with in between all of the laughing!

We are so excited the weather is finally warming up!!  That means more outside time, more walks, more chats with neighbors, more time in our back yard!!  (Our fence was complete yesterday, so we are very excited to hang out in the back yard!)

I know of one thing for sure that Madison takes after me…or maybe it is just because she is a girl, but she LOVES chocolate.  We went for a grocery store outing on one of my Fridays (my day off work to spend with her…and cleaning the house…or perhaps making it even messier??)  Walking into the grocery store I told her we were going to get chocolate!  Little did she know it had to cook…From that moment on until we got home “chocolate? chocolate? chocolate?”  Just like her mommy!! 🙂  For the first time, we made brownies together!!  She LOVED baking them!


She was thinking so hard about whether or not to try this batter (dry!)DSC_7128

And when I told her not to…this is the look I got!! (Yes this is a bit of the attitude that comes with the newly returned “N-O” word.)DSC_7130

And after it was mixed…this happened!

I know, I know…what about the egg…yes, well….she really didn’t actually eat much of it, I promise!! Most of it was just on her face and it might have gotten in her hair and on her shirt…DSC_7131


We got to walk the lake with Aunt Stephanie and feed the ducks!!  Aunt Stephanie is so busy these days preparing for her wedding in August and closing on her new home later this month, so we are lucky when we get to see her for a couple of hours!!


And Aunt Stephanie graciously took a couple of pictures of Madison and I together!!DSC_7169DSC_7194

We went for a weekend getaway to Myrtle Beach and had an awesome weekend!  Madison LOVED the water just as much as she did last summer!  She also loved the view from the 17th floor!  It was a nice relaxing family weekend.  AND lucky for me it was during March Madness, so while Madison napped on Saturday, Tim got to watch basketball, and me…well yes, I was laying out…in my bathing suit…on the beach!!  It was awesome!DSC_7204DSC_7217DSC_7219DSC_7233DSC_7262

She is playing on my iPhone.  Yep, she knows exactly how to work it!  How to find the app (game) she is looking for, or the video of herself that she is looking for.  (There are a few in particular she repeatedly plays.)DSC_7271-2

From our balcony.  It was beautiful.  Sometimes we forget just how beautiful it is right here in NC!!  Ahhh, this view just makes me so happy!DSC_7277DSC_7284

Out to dinner at Broadway at the beach…doesn’t she look like she is behaving so well?  HAHA…that is the exact opposite of how most of this dinner was!!!  Yes…she was on the floor twice during this dinner, thank goodness it was while we were waiting for the check…so it was outside we went!DSC_7300I will say she went potty 2 times during this dinner and they had the coolest potties she had ever seen!  They were BLACK!  So now she always says Black Potty, Black Potty.  And when we ask her where was the black potty she says “At the ocean.”  Yep, sweet girl you are so right!

Then we got to feed some fish!


On our way home we were so lucky to be able to stop in to see some friends of ours in Leland!  Taryn was my big sister in my sorority and her daughter Harper was born the day after Madison.  The entire drive to Harper’s house Madison was practicing what to say when we got there…”Hiiiiyy HAPERRRR” (yes it is pronounced without the first R, most of the time…by Madison anyways!)  We enjoyed a delicious lunch and catch up time while the girls enjoyed playing outside together.  I sooo wished we lived closer!!


What a wonderful few weeks it has been!!  And time keeps on flying by! 🙂